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BVE Leadership Thoughts
Listen to BVE's Thoughts on Leadership and become a Better Leader.
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BVE Productivity Hacks
If you want to be more Productive listen to BVE's Productivity Hacks  and start being more productive today.
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BVE’s Thinks You Should Embrace Rejection
Find out Why its Important to Embrace Rejection and learn about the GOOD it Can Do.
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BVE’s Power of Repetition
Learn this Awesome Life Hack with BVE's Power of Repetition
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Stop Multitask and Become a Monotasker
Listen to this Interview with Ryan Johnson and Brent Simpson of BVE as he explains why you shouldn't be a Multitasker
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BVE’s Thoughts on Why You Need Mentors for freebies section
If you were wondering why Mentors are Important listen to this.
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General Business Consulting
Who is this for: Business owners who know their business could be more profitable and efficient by leveraging Bold Vision Enterprise’s experience, insight, resources, network, and expertise. Simple Truths:  Running a business is hard.  Especially when you are the CEE Cheif Executive of Everything. There are moments when you need an experienced CEO to help […]
Last Mile Consulting
Who is this for: Entrepreneurs who – Purchased an online course to help their business grow. Attended a seminar, conference or retreat and received great information, but need help with implementation. Joined a Mastermind hoping it would solve their entrepreneurial problems. Received a plan from a company or other advisor, but are having trouble integrating […]
Website Development + Improvement Consultation
Who is this for: Any business owner with a website in need of a facelift or those looking to get a new website built. Simple Truths:  Clients will judge your company based on your website! Customers will or will not buy from you based on your website! Your website needs to correctly represent your business! […]
Team & Staff Alignment
Who is this for: Businesses with three or more employees who want to stay in alignment to assure work efficiency.  Simple Truths:  No business owner is immune to staffing issues such as 1.) High Turnover   2.)  Overly “Owner Needed” staff  3.)  Staff not adopting the Company Mission & Vision as their own and much […]