Advisors & Consultants

Client Profile – Independent Subject Matter Experts advising part-time and full-time Independent Consultants who have been operating 1 to 6 years with little to no ongoing operational support.

Where you are Today:

A.) Quickly approaching burnout because you are balancing servicing clients, meeting CE requirements, keeping up with technological advances, maintaining client files, staying current with regulatory changes that affect you and your clients and much more
B.) Operating with no KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and have not firmly identified your ideal client or market segment
C.) Trying to figure out how best to utilize your natural or warm market, while not coming across as an “annoying sales person”
D.) Interested in expanding your services, but you need help differentiating yourself from the onslaught of self-proclaimed, “best of the best”
E.) Trying to set up your social media and digital marketing campaigns by yourself to deepen brand recognition and your company’s reach without understanding the nuances that could make the process easier and more effective

Your Profile:

• Unique, because the technical knowledge you accumulated over the years is the very thing that, at times, makes it difficult for you to identify your lead service and ideal client. You know you can offer broader services but you may also feel compelled to stay locked in on area of expertise.
• Dealing with the idea of being a sole practitioner and competing against bigger boutique firms
• Interested in additional growth opportunities and is ready to go after them, but you are secretly worried about your company’s infrastructure imploding, because the business is already stretched thin
• Mentally wrestling with the reality that being a gifted subject matter expert does not magically translate into being a successful business owner
• Aware of the need to advance your professional profile, but not sure about the best way to go about it
• Actively trying to improve referral business, while simultaneously trying to create automated sales funnel to bring in additional clients and drive annual revenues higher
• Excited about the thought of receiving the advice and rich insight which would come with having an executive board, but not interested in creating a Board of Advisors at this point in the business


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In Summary: 

You have spent years accumulating your knowledge. You know you’re valuable, but you do not know how to price that value to maintain a business and still appear attractive to your client. You are not sure how to scale your business or how to replicate yourself. Your career and personal life are colliding, but you don’t know what to do about it. You feel like you cannot seek help because it is your profession to help others. You must move past that thought. Not hiring professional advisors will cost your business more money in the long run. Hiring an advisor today can earn your company far more money in the long run.

BVE Solution – BVE has created a platform of services tailored and priced for Advisors and Consultants who have been in business between 1 and 6 years. Some of BVE’s business advisors have counseled multi-million-dollar companies, taught at colleges and universities and successfully operated their own companies. They are ready to use their skills, strategies and, in some cases, connections in the business world to advise you on ways to advance your platform. Please schedule a meeting to talk to a BVE Success Strategist today.

Current Offer:

Everyone who schedules their free consultation before September 15, 2018 will get an additional 10 minutes on the call and receive a FREE BVE Success Checklist. When the available slots fill up this offer will No Longer be available!

Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by from time to time. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.