Coaches & Speakers

Client Profile – Part-time Coaches and/or Speakers or Full-time Coaches and/or Speakers who have been operating their  business for 1 to 6 years with little to no back-office support.

Where you are Today:

A.) Running yourself and your business into the ground because you alone are managing every aspect of the business
B.) Unaware of what an ideal work week should look like
C.) Trying to set up your social media and digital marketing platform, but you don’t understand the nuances that would lead to improved brand recognition and a higher return per engagement
D.) Interested in expanding your services but need help differentiating from the onslaught of self-proclaimed: “best of the best” coaches and speakers
E.) Battling between reaching profitability, paying yourself a salary, booking new engagements, and/or making enough to pay bills

Your Profile:

• Battling with the idea of presenting yourself more like a small business instead of a hobbyist
• Looking for greater infrastructure and operational support
• Continuously trying to find new and sustainable ways to improve conversion ratios at events
• Eager to find ways to improve its accounting system(s), such as payment collection, developing a budget, automated billing, integrated payroll, financial forecasting and more
• In need of tactics to create multiple streams of income from a single action
• Trying to create an automated sales funnel that will lead to greater conversion ratio
• Interested in gaining access to professional services such as an attorney, accountant, business advisor and marketing rep to take your business to the next level, however, you fear you will not be able to afford it or find advisors who understand your industry


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In Summary: 

You are part of an ever-growing sea of self-proclaimed “experts”. In this environment differentiating your brand is extremely important and having the experience to show you are a True Expert is important. You must identify your differentiator and magnify it. This is an arena dominated by story tellers. Understanding your story and being able to communicate it is essential. Utilizing industry best practices can help streamline your process. To move forward with your goals, you should: discover new ways to maximize your monetization opportunities at every event, learn best practices and develop a strategy to integrate them into your business.

BVE’s Solution – The average motivational speaker makes less than $15,000 per year. BVE has created a platform of services tailored for speakers and coaches. You all have unique needs and monetization strategies are a must. BVE’s business advisors bring experience counseling multi-million-dollar companies, colleges and universities, and successfully operated their own companies. They are ready to use their skills, strategies and connections in the corporate world to advise you on ways to advance your business. Schedule a meeting to talk to a BVE Success Strategist today.

Current Offer:

Everyone who schedules their free consultation before September 15, 2018 will get an additional 10 minutes on the call and receive a FREE BVE Success Checklist. When the available slots fill up this offer will No Longer be available!

Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by from time to time. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.