Client Profile – Independent Podcasters who love the craft, but lack operational support.

Note: This is a unique subgroup. BVE is prepared to work with newbies and seasoned podcasters trying to increase their listenership and monetize their podcast.

Where you are Today:

A.) Trying to figure out the best type of equipment to use (i.e. microphone, recording software, hosting company, rig, etc.)
B.) Determine your message, your voice…your WHY
C.) Battling between spreading the message and turning a profit
D.) Not running your podcast like a business but think you should employ more traditional business strategies to get the results you want
E.) Unsure about how to operationally run your podcast

Your Profile:

• In need of help, the podcast landscape is getting noisier every day
• Interested in increasing the number of downloads
• Looking for a community to become part of to receive support and best practice strategies from your peers
• Interested in structuring a sustainable business model that will help you grow with the resources available
• Trying to price sponsorship and affiliate agreement on your own and leaving money on the table
• Not treating your content like IP, putting you and your podcast at risk

Don’t try to do it in a bubble.
The idea of Podcasting seems easy, but in reality its complicated!

Strategy Tip:

Find a way to make your podcast more recognizable to attract more listeners. Take advantage of free broadcasting platforms and groups to learn as much as possible.

In Summary:

our focusing on increased listenership and brand recognition. You’re looking for organic ways to increase your downloads and lead conversion. Start treating your podcast like a brick and mortar business with a technological edge.

BVE Solution – BVE has created a platform of services tailored and priced for podcasters just getting started. BVE also works with podcasters who want to start over. Podcasting is a different world and BVE understands its unique challenges. We stand ready to use our skills, strategic partners, services and connections in the podcasting world to advise you on ways to advance your platform. Schedule a meeting to talk to a BVE Success Strategist today.

Current Offer:

Everyone who schedules their free consultation before September 15, 2018 will get an additional 10 minutes on the call and receive a FREE BVE Success Checklist. When the available slots fill up this offer will No Longer be available!

Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by from time to time. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.