Start-Up Consultation

Who is this for?

Mainly Solopreneurs who want to start structuring themselves and their business like a larger corporation. However, we do help a number of newer business owners who want to take advantage of our experience, insight, and resources.

Simple Truths:

Starting and growing a business is hard, especially when you are the CEE – Chief Executive of Everything.

There are moments when you need an experienced CEO to help you get through your roadblocks.

Your business needs to grow and BVE can help that happen!

Problems business owners face:

  • At some point you are so deep in the business it becomes hard to work on the business.
  • There are so many ideas bouncing around in your head it becomes hard to focus on any one thing.
  • Time is ticking away and you need an execution strategy to grow the business.
  • Current revenue needs to increase if the business is to succeed.

Problems around getting advice:

  • Unsure what advice you need
  • You don’t know who to trust
  • Money is scarce and the thought of spending it on an advisor causes anxiety

How BVE can help:

We help business owners at various levels of experience from brand new startups to multimillion-dollar companies.  Our general business consulting package helps business owners grow faster and stay in alignment with their company’s mission and vision.   Every month we converse with the owner to identity and overcome business hurdles, and uncover opportunities. Then we create a realistic, actionable solution that will help them grow.  We also look at what’s working to see how to duplicate that success in other areas or with other divisions to increase revenue.

Schedule a 15-minute consultation to see if we can help you.