Kawan Glover


Director of Millennial Business Development

Kawan Glover, from Intern to New Hire

Normally, you start off as a student, finish school, and start a job. You will usually work in someone’s office, in a cubicle tucked away in a corner, and work isolated until your trial run is over, but not at BVE. I started as an intern and hit ground running from day one, sitting in on executive meetings, learning new skills, absorbing tons of information, getting an understanding of how business is really done, and getting 1 on 1 time with Brent. I knew I wasn’t working a job, but building a career and I loved every minute of it! Whether I was considered an intern or full-time employee I was never in the dark and I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!

Kawan Glover
University of Maryland College Park, Finance, Spr ’17