Tatyana is the Director of Online Course Creation for Bold Vision Enterprise.  As a CEO, dreamer & visionary she discovered the feeling of being stuck or just not knowing how to launch and execute the dream to become a reality. Like many of us she has had paralyzing feelings of what she calls analysis paralysis from being an over thinker.  Being full of brilliant ideas and just not knowing how on earth to get the ball rolling is an entrepreneurial curse.  However, she soon realized thousands of business owners have the ability to add an additional revenue stream, while passing on the lessons and expertise they have acquired during their entrepreneurial journeys.

With an extensive background in critical systems architecture, standard operating processes, process improvement, logistics management, operations management and course creation. Tatyana was the best person to run the BVE Online Course Creation Division.  Her expertise ensure our vision shines through in your online course.  Her, unique, skill set focuses on operational efficiency and course conversion.

As a creator and strategist Tatyana focuses on:

  • Course layout that fits your company’s brand
  • Onboard workflow that makes your students feel nurtured and ready to complete your course
  • Design to ensure a cohesive, smooth experience for your participants
  • Operations Management and System Production to increase the efficiency to make sure the course is built in a timely manner
  • Course strategy to help you with the build, design, and of your online course

We look forward to working with you an your company to build the right online course to help you add a new revenue stream and pass on your knowledge/expertise.

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