Do Monday’s depress you?  Do you dread beginning the week because you have no idea where it will take you? If so, you are probably being guided by events instead of looking ahead and preparing accordingly.  Take charge of your work week with these five simple tips.

5 Tips To Start Your Week Right

  1. Plan your week on Sunday – Don’t wait until Monday to get a handle on what lies ahead.  Consider your clients, customers and employees have all been waiting out the week before emailing or calling you.  They will come in with a list of items that may distract you from the task.  If you are like most entrepreneurs, you will have to hit the ground running on Monday morning and will have no time to really get a grip on what you want to accomplish for the week.
  2. Start each week with an empty inbox – Sometime on Sunday you should sit down and empty or organize your inbox.  This way you can start each week fresh without worrying about that email your never answered.  We love the Boomerang App for gmail.  We can use it to send emails later or even have it take an email out of your inbox and only come back to you if no one has responded or at a certain date for follow up.  Having an empty or organized inbox will bring a sense of calm to a Monday morning.
  3. Delegate – When you are planning your week, be honest with yourself.  Look at the items on your to do list.  How many of those items can be done by someone else?  If you can delegate an item, do so.  If you can put it on someone else’s plate on a weekly basis that’s even better.  You have a business to run.  Make sure you are not staying busy with tasks that someone in a lower position can do.
  4. Learn – Learn one new thing on Monday morning.  Take the time to stop worrying about what lies ahead. Instead, read an article about your industry.  Read a chapter of that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand or turn to YouTube and watch an educational or motivational video.
  5. Get inspired – Start your week with an inspiring quote.  If you know you need to focus more then find a quote about focus.  If you know you need to stay calm under pressure look for a quote for that.  Write it down and stick it somewhere you are sure to see it all week.  Better yet, put it somewhere your entire staff can see it.  Maybe it will be just the motivation they need to start their week right as well.

How are your currently starting your weeks?  Do you have a tip for the BVE Community?

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Brent Simpson

Business Growth Strategist, Clarity Expert, Retired Stockbroker, Speaker, Pitch Judge, VC, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision, Co-Founder of Investing Education Academy  (IEA), Start-up Consultant, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.