9 to 5ers Transitioning to Entrepreneurship & New Entrepreneurs Turning Their Passion Into a Business
Individuals, New Partnerships, Independent Businesses, and Tier 1 & 2 Franchises in business 0 to 2 years.
Sole Proprietors & Solopreneurs
Individuals, New Registered Partnerships, Independent Businesses operating 2 to 6 years; Grossing over 100k Annually; Minimum of 2 Employees.
Single Member LLCs & Micro/Small Enterprise Businesses
Profitable businesses in operation 3 to 10 years with under 20 employees whos owns want to learn new ways to generate revenue, operate more efficiently or improve customer experience.
Advisors & Consultants
Independent Subject Matter Experts advising part-time and full-time Independent Consultants who have been operating 1 to 6 years with little to no ongoing operational support.
Coaches & Speakers
Part-time Coaches and/or Speakers or Full-time Coaches and/or Speakers who have been operating their business for 1 to 6 years with little to no back-office support.
Independent Podcasters who love the craft, but lack operational support. Interested in finding strategies to make their Podcast more recognizable to attract unique listeners.

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Who we are

Bold Vision Enterprise (BVE) is a Business Development Company providing corporate level strategies & solutions to small businesses throughout the nation and across the world. One of our differentiators is our teams combined 30 + years of entrepreneurial immersion, knowledge, resources, and connections. All of which we leverage to deliver an unparalleled advising experience to our clients.

Additionally, BVE was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs so we understand your company’s needs better than most. BVE’s Success Strategist are problem solvers who focus on our clients’ bottom line and quality of life.

BVE’s operates off 5 Pillars we:

  • Ask Questions
  • Listen 
  • Analyze 
  • Decide 
  • Implement

Don’t get overwhelmed by your company’s growth. Let BVE’s knowledge and experience be your company’s head start. After the 1st initial meeting, you will understand the value of working with a BVE Success Strategist.”

These are for You!

Can your business SURVIVE?
15 clicks to find out the health of your business
Is GROWTH in your business's future?
Let’s find out if your business is built for growth.
Is your Website Garbage?
What functions is your website missing?
Should you be a Speaker?
This may make you rethink your Speaking business.
Does your Business Plan have these?
This will show you what your Business Plan needs.
Do your Products & Services make MONEY?
Determine if your products and services are right for your business.
Do you have the right Team?
Find out if your Team is built for success?
Podcast Pointers
Find out how your Podcast can be improved.

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I have been working with BVE for a few months and I am amazed by how much it has made a difference for my business. Hiring BVE’s advisors to think about and work on my company’s growth strategies, while I think about pleasing my clients has been the best decision I have made since starting my business.

Ann M. Brennan Ann’s Social Media & Marketing

BVE exceeded our expectations they did exactly what they said they would do and that was leave my estate planning firm with actionable items and great ideas that could help move my practice forward.

Cheryl C. Henderson The Law Office of Cheryl Chapman Henderson, LLC

BVE helped my company identify new areas of opportunity and structure its business processes for maximum efficiency. Their straightforward approach was specific to my needs. Additionally, BVE maintains a wealth of business knowledge that shows through their services. Bold Vision Enterprise has been indispensable for the growth of my business.

David Curry Ventice Technology


Some of our clients

We would love to see your company’s logo listed alongside our current client’s logos. Schedule an appointment today and lets see how BVE can improve the financial performance of your company.

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Whether it’s running your business or a marathon, working towards your dream or trying to make a marriage work, there are some situations we can find ourselves in where we want to keep going but really struggle to maintain motivation. Entrepreneurship is one of those things. We have to give every last drop of will-power […]
17 - April 2019
4 Secrets for Achieving Internal Success
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4 Secrets for Achieving Internal Success   All small business owners want to be successful. Since childhood, being successful has been ingrained in many of our minds as the great aim of life. This isn’t a bad thing. However, we need to better understand that success varies greatly. Not only in how it is measured, […]