Client Profile – Entrepreneur running 2 companies or more.

Where you are Today:

A.) Quickly approaching or at burnout because you are balancing far too much
B.) In need of someone with Executive Coaching skills, with proven experience building and running multimillion-dollar companies
C.) Trying to figure out how best to utilize your natural and/or warm market, while staying in alignment
D.) Interested in expanding but you know you need an efficient team under you
E.) You want an advisor who is going to help you get through the bottlenecks faster and with greater profit(s)

Your Profile:

• Entrepreneurial and creative. You can see opportunity in almost everything
• Excited and scared of the success that lays in front of you
• Interested in additional growth opportunities and are ready to go after them, but you are secretly worried about your company’s infrastructure imploding, because the business is already stretched thin
• Mentally wrestling with the reality that being a visionary does not magically translate into being a successful & profitable business owner
• Ready to achieve success faster with the help of a proven Growth Strategist

Doctors have Doctors! Psychiatrist see Psychiatrist! Lawyers retain Lawyers!

Who’s Advising You on the Growth of your Business?

Choose BVE, Today!

In Summary: 

You have spent years accumulating your knowledge, networks and opportunities. You know you’re valuable, but you have limited hours in the day. You want a silent partner who can see your blind spots and help you think through opportunities and issues. Your career and personal life are colliding, but you don’t know what to do about it. You feel like you cannot seek help because it is your profession to help others.

BVE Solution – BVE’s advisors are ready to use their skills, strategies and, in some cases, connections in the business world to advise you on ways to advance your platform.

You feel like seeking help is an admission of failure, but it isn’t. You must move past that thought. Not hiring professional advisors will cost your business more money in the long run. Hiring an advisor today can earn your company far more money in the long run.

Current Offer:


Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by from time to time. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.

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Brent Simpson

Business Clarity Expert, Growth Strategist, Speaker, Pitch Judge, VC, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision & Black Podcasters Power Hub, Co-Founder Linked Leaders Academy & Investing Education Academy