Last Mile Consulting

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs who:

  1. Purchased an online course to help their business grow.
  2. Attended a seminar, conference or retreat and received great information, but need help with implementation.
  3. Joined a Mastermind hoping it would solve their entrepreneurial problems.
  4. Received a plan from a company or other advisor, but are having trouble integrating it into their business’s framework.

Simple Truths: 

There are no quick fixes in business.

There is a large population of entrepreneurs who have spent A Lot of Money on courses they: never listened to; found useful but needed help implementing strategies; didn’t understand; and/or couldn’t relate to.

How BVE can help: 

  • We work with clients to help them mold the techniques and strategies they receive from other products or services, to maximize benefits to their company.
  • We take courses with our clients to provide guidance on the best ways to use the course’s information.

Bottom line – BVE can help you make the information, strategies, processes, and techniques you learned at your retreat, conference, online course or mastermind and turn it into GOLD.  If you have taken any of the above in the last 12 months call us and let’s do a strategy session to see how we can help your company get more out of the information.

Schedule a 15 consultation to see if we can help you.