General Business Consulting

Who is this for: Manly Solopreneurs who want to start structuring themselves and their business like a larger corporation.  However, we do help a number of newer business owners who want to take advantage of our experience, insight and resources. Simple Truths:  Starting and growing a business is hard.  Especially when you are the CEE […]

Business Plan Creation

Who is this for: Business owners who are interested in getting a business plan. Simple Truths:  Writing a business plan isn’t something you are born knowing how to do. Business Plans require a lot of valuable mental energy & time you could use to attract additional clients. Knowing what to include in your business plan […]

Website Creation & Streamline Consultation

Who is this for: Any business owner with a website or those looking to get one. Simple Truths:  Clients will judge your company based on your website! Customers will or will not buy from you based on your website! Your website needs to correctly represent your business! Some Problem(s) for existing websites: It’s been too […]

Team & Staff Alignment

<b>Who is this for:<b/> Businesses with two or more employees. Simple Truths:  Your staff is the heart of your business, you are the brain. Staff is key in the expansion of your business. A properly aligned staff can make your business enjoyable.  An improperly aligned staff can be cancer to your business and make work […]

After my first conversation with BVE, I realized I was working in isolation as a business owner. I needed to build a team focused on my business goals, recognize monetization opportunities, and work in synergy to produce results

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Who We Service

9 to 5ers Transitioning to Entrepreneurship & New Entrepreneurs Turning Their Passion Into a Business
Individuals, New Partnerships, Independent Businesses, and Tier 1 & 2 Franchises in business 0 to 2 years.
Sole Proprietors & Solopreneurs
Individuals, New Registered Partnerships, Independent Businesses operating 2 to 6 years; Grossing over 100k Annually; Minimum of 2 Employees.
Single Member LLCs & Micro/Small Enterprise Businesses
Profitable businesses in operation 3 to 10 years with under 20 employees whos owns want to learn new ways to generate revenue, operate more efficiently or improve customer experience.
Advisors & Consultants
Independent Subject Matter Experts advising part-time and full-time Independent Consultants who have been operating 1 to 6 years with little to no ongoing operational support.
Coaches & Speakers
Part-time Coaches and/or Speakers or Full-time Coaches and/or Speakers who have been operating their business for 1 to 6 years with little to no back-office support.
Independent Podcasters who love the craft, but lack operational support. Interested in finding strategies to make their Podcast more recognizable to attract unique listeners.

BVE Packages


1 hour Power Planning Session

Sustainability Testing

Engagement Planning

Accounting system review

Tax planning

Incorporation Options

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3 – One-hour Power Planning Sessions

Create a Natural Environment Inventory List

Executive Structure Review

Sustainability Assessment

Growth Planning

Business Modeling

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Website Audit

SEO Review

Social Media Engagement Assessment

Cross Platform Promotion Review

Content Creation Strategies

Media Plug-n-Play Action Plan

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Executive Coaching

Staff Training

Tax Planning

Corporate Structuring

Legal Planning

Technology Infrastructure Consultation

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