7 to 8 figure Gov Cons who have been in business 2 years or more interested in seeing what a Growth Strategist can do to enhance their company. 

Client Profile – Working in the government contracting sector for 3 to 10 years, with fewer than 20 employees and annual earnings of 7 to 8 figures.

Where you are Today:

A.) You know the team, software, connections, and management style that got you here need to change or improve if you are to grow.
B.) You recognize the need for a Controller, or at the very least, an enhanced accounting system to effectively manage the company’s financial needs, including forecasting, controlling expenses, managing profits, mitigating losses, and preparing for audits.
C.) Painfully aware of the need to improve the relationship between your company, the mission(s), the contracting officer, and the agency.
D.) Aware that you may reach a point of mental burnout sooner than later if things do not change soon.
E.) Interested in expanding your business, but you are too overwhelmed to get started.

Your profile group is:

  • In business for the love of freedom, entrepreneurship, and the pursuit of profit.
  • Knowledgeable about government contracting and the benefits of being in the space.
  • Already working with a team of advisors throughout years of operation, but have never had this team critiqued to ensure maximum effectiveness.
  • Interested in additional growth opportunities and ready to pursue them, but secretly worried about your company’s infrastructure imploding because the business is already stretched thin.
  • In need of consultation on maximizing human capital, strategic partners, industry position, technology, operating capital, and managerial oversight to ensure optimal operational efficiency.
  • Aware that your business’s C-Suite Executives need to move into a more significant thought leadership role within the company and devise a plan that allows them to be less hands-on with day-to-day business activities.
  • Interested in receiving professional consultation to help analyze the business, but fearful it won’t work because you already have advisors consulting you or that it will be too expensive.

There is a strategy waiting for you. Let BVE bring new energy to your business.

In Summary:

You are committed to expanding your business in the government contracting space, driven by a passion for freedom, entrepreneurship, and profit. Concerned about your current infrastructure’s ability to support growth, you seek to enhance operational efficiency and thought leadership within your C-Suite, while carefully considering the effectiveness and cost of additional professional consulting.

BVE’s Solution:

BVE brings a wealth of experience in collaborating with businesses at similar stages in their lifecycle. We excel in integrating seamlessly with your existing team of advisors to ensure you achieve your goals. Leveraging our proven strategies, skills, and industry connections, we are poised to propel your business toward accelerated success. Schedule a consultation with us to determine how our services can align with and enhance your company’s growth objectives.

Current Offer:


Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by occasionally. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.

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Brent Simpson

Business Growth Strategist, Clarity Expert, Retired Stockbroker, Speaker, Pitch Judge, VC, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision, Co-Founder of Investing Education Academy  (IEA), Start-up Consultant, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.