Client Profile – Individuals, New Partnerships, Independent Businesses, and Tier 1 & 2 Franchises in business 0 to 2 years

Where you are Today:

A.) Trying to turn your passion into a business
Testing the market with a new service, product, technology or idea for proof of concept
Trying to figure out how to fund your idea
Wanting a change in your career to have greater control and/or flexibility over your life
Using social media as your personal marketing department to make up for a lack of funds, time and available human capital


• Excited about the opportunity before you, but overwhelmed by the volume of decisions that needs to be made daily
• Battling between reaching profitability, making enough to pay bills and the need to replace your salary
• Unaware of the regulatory guidelines affecting your business and/or industry
• Operating without a written business plan, marketing strategy or any other road map to direct the business owner(s)
• Trying to do everything in house, and often by yourself to save money. (i.e. build your website, set up & manage social media accounts, create a billing system, design a CRM platform and much, much more)
• Aware success is possible, but haven’t figure out how to make it a sustainable reality

Make today the day you decide to move your business above the line.

In Summary:

You are on the verge of something amazing! You believe in yourself, your product and/or service, but need something extra. If you can get over the “Hump,” you know your life could change forever. There are multiple directions you could take your business, some of which you now know and others you do not know. This is an important time to make sure your infrastructure is solid. From branding to corporate structure, you know your business would benefit from receiving professional advising, but you fear you will not be able to afford it or find the right advisor for your vision.

BVE’s Solution –Turning your passion into a business is intimate and hard at times. BVE understands and has created a platform of services tailored and priced for businesses in a similar phase of the business life cycle. BVE’s business advisors bring experience counseling multi-million-dollar companies, colleges and universities, and successfully operated their own companies. They are ready to use their skills, strategies and connections in the corporate world to advise you on ways to advance your business. Schedule a meeting to talk to a BVE Success Strategist today.

Current Offer:


Note: The information and offers on this page will periodically change, so be sure to stop by from time to time. You never know what gifts/opportunities will be available from BVE.

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Brent Simpson

Business Clarity Expert, Growth Strategist, Speaker, Pitch Judge, VC, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision & Black Podcasters Power Hub, Co-Founder Linked Leaders Academy & Investing Education Academy