If you’re wondering when to use webinars for your products or services launch, ask a Bold Vision Entreprise (BVE) Success Advisor. Our answer will be simple: “Every Time.” We understand that the products and services decision making cycle can be hard, but building on top of what you already have means that you are held to a high growth factor. Growth means bringing in new clients, and webinars mean growth.

Benefits of webinars for a products and services launch:
Brand recognition is deepened
Get real time feedback from potential customers (depending on webinar setup)
Cold to a warm market conversion
Potential customers are pulled into the top of your company’s sales funnel
Increase your communication with potential customers

The Why
If you’ve done your market research correctly, your new product or service will be designed to specifically address a common problem in your niche or industry. Next, it will offer an effective solution that will be made clear during the webinar. Knowing your target audience’s “pain points”, is one way to ensure you have a steady stream of new and repeat customers. This requires a bold communications strategy, one that BVE is skilled to assist you in crafting. The ultimate goal is that your new product reaffirms your expertise and your company is worth doing business with.

The Rules
Prior to publishing, the first rule for optimizing your webinar is to test, test and test again. Low class lighting can make a potential customer assume you have an inferior product or service. Poor audio quality may frustrate interested customers, making quality content become null in void. Excellent lighting and audio seem simple, but are extremely important and require skill to perfect. If you feel apprehensive about fine tuning these rules on your own, get in contact with your BVE advisor to search for a videography company that is the right fit. BVE partners with VIE Videography and Photography, to outsource additional services you may need to make sure the videography quality matches your exquisite content.

The Content
Since your product will usually help solve or address a pain point, that pain point will be a great topic for a webinar. It will lead to the introduction of the product, and give you an opportunity to introduce it to the market. Often, this is done at a discounted introductory price not available anywhere else, for a limited time only. The lower introductory price reduces the risk of doing business with you. Don’t forget, the topic creates interest in the product. The clock is ticking because it is a limited time offer for webinar attendees only. This will usually make even the “fence sitters” take action because they don’t want to miss out.

Studies have shown that consumers are more motivated by a fear of loss or missing an opportunity, than by the excitement of gaining a product related benefit. Therefore, the limited time offer will motivate people to make more impulse purchases, compared to an open-ended offer. The fact that you are giving them a low introductory price for attending the webinar, makes potential customers feel special. It also motivates them to attend more of your webinars because they know you treat your customers well.

Regarding fear of loss, you could create a title that plays on this. For example, you create a webinar titled, “The 3 Most Costly Mistakes You’re Making in Your Online Business & How to Overcome Them.” Your webinar should lightly address the three mistakes, and end with your product or service as the complete solution. The key is not giving all of the information away, but prompting a sale. The webinar is the appetizer of sorts to your main sale, the product or service.

The Launch
You’ve finally launched your product. Now, you need to return to your original webinar recording and update from the introductory price to now reflect the actual price. You now can leverage the webinar as a video sales letter that highlights all the benefits of your product. Nervous about video or sound editing? For highest quality ask your BVE advisor to referral you to a professional editor. You always want to exemplify professionalism and quality. There is a lot to do whenever you launch a product or service, but using a webinar and getting people to register for your big event can help get your sales off to a great start.

Bold Vision Enterprise hopes this blog post gave you some actionable tips on new products and services launch and your webinar. If you want a custom strategy for your business’s product and/or service or a videographer referral contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Brent Simpson

Business Growth Strategist, Clarity Expert, Retired Stockbroker, Speaker, Pitch Judge, VC, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision, Co-Founder of Investing Education Academy  (IEA), Start-up Consultant, member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.